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C# 4.0 Features

Posted by Virendra Dugar on May 7, 2009

As we all know, .NET 4.0 is around the corner so as C# 4.0. As we know, each version of C# was introduced with some major features. For example, C# 1.0 major feature was managed code. In C# 2.0, Generics were introduced. In C# 3.0, Automatic properties, object initializer, collection initializer and LINQ were launched. C# 4.0 comes with these major feartures:

  1. Dynamic LookUp
  2. Named and optional argument (Much needed)
  3. Improved COM interoperability
  4. Co and Contra Variance

You can download a document related to new features of C# 4.0 from MSDN website. This document explains all the above features.

You can also check this article on Code project.



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